Sabtu, 14 Maret 2009

David Widjaja’s “suicide”: Separating the facts from the myths in the NTU “stabbing” tragedy

By Eugene Yeo and Shawn Tay, Wayang Party Club
09 March 2009

It has been nearly a week since the tragic incident at NTU in which a Indonesian Chinese student David Widjaja was alleged to have stabbed his professor before committing suicide by plunging from six storeys now.

Is this the truth of what really happened or merely a myth concocted by the mainstream media?

With no further information released by the police, the Professor involved and NTU, the final verdict on what exactly happened is still out there.

Don’t forget that the police and the forensic pathologist (an autopsy was done on David before he was cremated) are still investigating and case. The only first hand information about the incident came from Professor Chan himself who was obtained by NTU President Dr Su Guanning during his visit to hospital after Chan was warded.

Yet, the mainstream media — both the English and Chinese dailies are able to spin a nice fairy tale out of such patchy information to proclaim the verdict on David - that he was stressed out, suffered a mental breakdown, stabbed his professor and committed suicide out of guilt.

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